Why Should Bloggers Care about SEO?

This is a guest contribution from Christopher Jan Benitez.

There’s more to blogging than just writing.

Aside from writing on your blog, you as a blogger are also responsible for promoting your blog and driving traffic to it.

To be truly successful as a blogger, you need to engage your readers through your posts and keep them coming back for more.

This can be achieved if you can find a way to bring in more readers to your blog consistently.

Enter SEO

Upon your research, you may have encountered the term SEO or search engine optimization as a way to increase your blog traffic.

In a nutshell, SEO pertains to the practice of ranking atop search results for your target keyword so Google, Bing, and Yahoo! users will see your page and click on it to read your content.

Sounds technical? Unfortunately, yes.

The process of getting your pages to rank for your target keywords take time, patience, and diligence. You need to develop an SEO strategy made up of different tactics to ensure that your pages rank on top of search engines. That way, your audience looking for information on Google will get a chance to see your blog page.

The explanation of SEO above will easily scare off bloggers who are not yet ready to jump into this practice.

Also, some would even think that they do not want to do SEO since they have been successful promoting their content on social media.

While these grievances may seem legitimate, they should not dissuade you from doing SEO on your blog.

In fact, bloggers like you need to do SEO, regardless of how difficult or intricate it sounds.

In this post, I offer you a simple reason as to why you need to optimize your blog for search.

Sustainable and passive traffic

For bloggers who promote their blog on social media, let me ask you a simple question:

How long does it take you to promote your blog content on social media?

I think it would be safe to assume that you spend at least an hour sharing your latest blog posts on social media.

And let's face it - manually sharing your posts on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and probably Google+ feels like a chore. I would go as far by saying that promoting content, in general, is a necessary evil. After all, your content won’t promote itself.

But in an industry when time is your currency, you just cannot afford to spend this long on promotions when you are in the business of publishing content as a blogger.

I am aware that, as a blogger, you carry the burden of marketing and analyzing your blog, so it runs in tip-top shape. However, the process robs you of valuable time that could have been spent on brainstorming and developing new content.

Not to mention, you need to re-promote your post if you want to drive more traffic to your content!

Now, let me show you what SEO can do for you.

I wrote a review about blogging tool CoSchedule on my blog.

I observed the best on-page SEO practices on the post.

Also, I promoted this post on social media for a good hour or two (like I said, a necessary evil).

However, aside from social media, I got this page to rank for “CoSchedule Review” on Google!

(Screenshot of Ahrefs)

So, what does this achieve?

First, ranking on search results allows me to generate passive traffic.

Because my content ranks at a very comfortable position on search results, I no longer have to keep promoting my post on social media again and again for added traffic.

For people interested in reading a review about CoSchedule, all they need to do is enter “CoSchedule Review” on search engines and my page will appear as part of the first ten results.

Also, ranking on search results is crucial because instead of marketing my content to different social media platforms with millions of users, it allows me to filter out users who are genuinely interested in the topic.

The fact that they searched for the keyword means that:

  • They like to learn more information about CoSchedule
  • They would like to purchase a subscription of CoSchedule

If you read the content I wrote, you will notice that I have covered both reasons to the best of my abilities.

And the more targeted and invested the visitors is about the topic, the higher the chances that people will click through on my page from search results!

Moreover, the example above goes to show that SEO allows you to develop sustainable traffic.

To be on par with arguably more reputable sites than mine for this keyword shows you that you can do it as well!

The key is creating content that not only your audience will love, but also search engines.

Therefore, by observing even the simplest of the on-page SEO tactics, you give your blog posts a fighting chance to rank on search engines, no matter how new your blog is.

Have I convinced you that you should do SEO on your blog?

If yes, then I suggest you head on to these valuable resources to help you apply SEO tactics to your blog posts:

  • Keyword Research: The Definitive Guide - Brian Dean of Backlinko covers this topic thoroughly in this comprehensive post. It breaks down the entire process of determining what target keywords to look for your blog how to find them.

If not, then I suggest that you comment below by answering these questions:

1.         What are your biggest pain points when it comes to doing SEO?
2.         What is preventing you from doing SEO the right way?
3.         Why do you still think that SEO is not as important as I’m making it sound in this post?

I would like you to answer the questions above as honestly as possible. I would like to gauge where you as blogger and reader stand when it comes to SEO, so I can provide you with content that fills in the gaps of your SEO knowledge.

I love sharing my knowledge about digital marketing to anyone interested, and I hope this marks a start to a more collaborative effort between you and me so we can help improve your blog and attract new visitors in the process!
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