The Three Pillars of an Effective Blog Post Distribution Plan

This is a guest contribution from Christopher Jan Benitez.

Regardless of your blogging goals, you must first increase your traffic.

By having as many blog visitors as possible, you will be able to reach out to a greater audience with your content.

In this case, you are playing the game of numbers. The more people visiting your blog, the more chances that you can get more subscribers, customers, and clients.

However, before jumping to conclusions, you need to establish a blog post distribution strategy. After all, your posts won't promote themselves to your audience!

You need to make an effort to manually reach out to different online channels and let your audience know that you have a blog post that might interest them.

Below are different tactics that you can use for your distribution strategy. (Click to Tweet!)

Automate your social media posting

Millions of people are on social media right now, including your target audience. It only makes sense you need to leverage the different social platforms to promote your blog posts.

Therefore, you need to approach social media marketing with a plan. You cannot just share your posts on Facebook and Twitter and expect people to engage with your post.

You must start by first identifying the social media sites that your audience uses the most. For example, millennials love using Instagram and Snapchat. If you are targeting this demographic with your blog, then you need to devise a way to promote on those channels in an efficient manner. At the same time, you must find out the best practices for each of the social platforms where you will promote in since not all are built the same.

Once you have identified those, you may need to use a tool where you can manage all your social accounts in a single dashboard. My tool of choice is Hootsuite.

The ability to pile up all your social media profiles in one place and schedule messages for each helps me do more on social media with less time.

Also, if you don't have a substantial amount of social media followers, then you need to build each from the ground up to make your social media sharing more effective. A tool like Crowdfire, for example, can help you build Twitter followers and follow relevant people in your niche.

Also, using different tactics and strategies for building an audience for your social media accounts will help expedite the process of getting your blog posts straight to your audience.

Tap into influencers

The real power of an effective distribution strategy lies in your connections.

Having organic relationships with people related to your industry is advantageous if you are looking to promote your blog posts. After all, who better to get help from than your friends?

However, it would be more beneficial if your connections have lots of social media followers and email subscribers, as well as being established experts in your niche.

These people, also known as influencers, will help you fast-track your blog post distribution strategy so you can share your blog post to your audience.

You can simply send them an email introducing your latest blog post and explaining to them the benefits why the post will be beneficial to their audience. Once you have made a strong case, you can expect them to share your post on social media or their newsletters.

If you are connected to them on social media like Facebook, then you can message them with the link to the article.

If you are not connected with influencers at the moment, you can still try to reach out to them by way of cold emails. This tactic known as blogger outreach is a fine way to make yourself known to influencers as well.

Make sure that you read this post that I wrote about blogging outreach basics so you get acquainted with the best practices and approach and reach out to influencers using this strategy the right way.

Employ the Power of 100

Here's a cool way to scale and measure your blog post distribution strategy: for the first few days after publishing your content, make sure to share the post to 100 people, groups, or communities.

Whereas leveraging on influencers to share your blog posts deal with the quality, the Power of 100 focuses on quantity.

Basically, in this tactic, you want to target as many people as possible with your post in the hopes of extending its reach even to your untapped audience.

To help you get started, click here to read where to promote your blog post. It featured 18 sites where you can submit your content to different sites and share it with people.

Another tactic is to comment on related blogsSearch for blogs talking about the same topic as your latest blog post and comment on them with new insights not mentioned in their original post. Then link to your post if they want more information about the comment you wrote.

Lastly, notify brands that you mentioned in your post on social media. If you linked to resource pages of brands on your post, you can tag them on social media and give them a shout out. For example, you could say on Twitter that you included them in your post and include the link so they can check it out.


All three pillars cover aspects that are essential to your sharing strategy:

  • Automation - setting your social media marketing to autopilot and forgetting them allows you to focus on other tasks to help promote your content, all while your schedule posts will keep your social media followers engaged,
  • Quality - Finding and leveraging influencers whose feet are firmly established in your industry allows you to promote your content to hundreds and thousands of their followers and subscribers.
  • Quantity - Reaching out to as many people as possible with your blog content forces you to step out of your comfort zones and step down your promotions strategy game. 

Using the tactics mentioned to help develop your blog distribution plan allows you to maximize your reach and drive more traffic to your content.
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