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 As a newbie myself, I never expected anyone to invite me to contribute content for bloggers. If you've done some research (which is one of the most important) Guest blogging is is a powerful tool and an opportunity to be introduced to someone's network.

I'll be here once or twice a week to share useful information that can help every blogger to increase their traffic, income and engagement on their content.

Here is my Pieces of Advice To Bloggers from my SvenGoddess.com page.

General Blogging Tips

  • Make your content easy to share and understand. Random people will be reading your blog and definitely they would love not having to Google something they didn’t understand.
  • Join blogging groups on Facebook. Never underestimate the power of making friends with other bloggers online. If you’re not connecting with other people across the world and readers, you’re missing out.
  • Guest posting. One of the most important strategy for growing your blog. I can’t believe someone offered me to guest post to his website 1-2 time in a week. YAY!
  • Experiment and share. If you discover something helpful to other readers or bloggers pour it out on your post.
  • Find ways to get inspired. With this way you can inspire others, if you feel empty read some one else’s blog and fill yourself up.
  • Ask experts from the blogging groups you’ve joined. Ask. Ask. Ask. Enough said.
  • Look for a group or community that has the same interests like yours. As you can see my URL has something to do with DOTA 2. Joined a group and looked for the admin. I asked the permission to write an article whenever they have a competition or event which they can share and use for their announcement.
  • DON’T GIVE UP. Stick with it. You’ll win in the end.

Let me tell you a few things about myself. I am not one of those pro blogger, but hey I've earned more than $3,000 USD in less than one month. And the only services I have spent on are domain and hosting. Sounds amazing right? If you're a newbie like me and you're not earning as much as I do. Definitely something is missing. 
My blog is my full time job. I spend hours or days on researching and writing. Those blogging tips I shared above are my daily routine. I created a list too of my DONT'S in blogging but I am not putting them as "rules" that apply to all.


  1. Don't feel low when your traffic is lower than yesterday.
  2. Don't comment on other people's blog without even reading their content.
  3. Don't be scared to hit publish.
  4. Don't compare yourself to others because everyone has their own style in blogging. Just be yourself.
  5. Don't hit publish without proof reading your content.
  6. Don't be shy to share your mistakes to your readers.
  7. Don't expect to get rich right away because it would always depend on how much work your put into your blogging.
  8. Don't think that there's only one way to monetize your blog. RESEARCH. READ. ASK.
  9. Don't give up too quickly, leave all your negativity behind.

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