Effective Ways to Share Your Blog Posts on Facebook

Millions of blog posts are created each day. And all of them are fighting for attention from readers or else their existence would just be for nought.

I know, this is not very motivating when you’re just about to passionately write that blog post. Especially if your readership is not as large yet.

But if this realization is not making a dent on your desire to make a difference (or make money through your blog post) one post at a time, then you’re probably on a good start.

But if this puts you at a loss, not knowing what to do and how to give your every post a fighting chance in grabbing your audience’s attention, then you should let this post grab your attention.

See how I tried to subtly grab your attention so you’ll continue reading this crap, er, post?

Is it working?

Ok, good. You’re still reading this.

More of these bloggers are using different tricks to promote their blogs to their audience. One of these tricks has something to do with social media, particularly on Facebook.

So in this article, we will share some simple ideas how you can promote your blog post on Facebook.

Why Facebook?

Among social media platforms, Facebook is one that’s leading the pack in terms of user usage and engagement.

Compared to other social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Google Plus, Facebook is one that almost every market is using. So it’s likely that your blog’s audience is active on Facebook too.

So the question is not “Why Facebook?” but rather “Are you crazy? Why not Facebook?”

How to start sharing your blog on Facebook?

There are many ways you can share your blog on Facebook for your audience to digest. But you can start with some of the things on this list.

Playful Images

Posts on Facebook that include images get around 120% more engagement than posts with no photos. So don’t just share a link to your latest blog post. Make some effort to include a relevant and engaging image with that update.

Between a link that doesn’t make sense and a cool image that grabs seconds of attention from your readers, you’ll have an obvious winner, right?

If you upload a visually appealing and related image in your update, it can increase click-throughs to your blog.

Short but sweet updates

Talking about updates, some people are rocking it with long updates on Facebook.

But it would be safe to set as a rule to share short and witty updates that're relevant to the blog post you share on Facebook.

Think of your Facebook update as a teaser to your blog post. So make your ‘teaser’ short enough not to spoil anything but long enough to grab your reader's’ curiosity.

Ask your audience

They say that questions naturally invoke a response. So include questions in the mix.

Ask your audience some questions relevant to your blog. Either you provide the answer on your blog post or make them understand the significance of the question to find the answer after reading your blog.

Do you get the drift?

Quote your blog

If you’re too lazy to come up with short and witty updates to associate with your blog post or think of questions that will make your audience respond, you can just quote your blog post.

Look for a portion of your blog that best describes its relevance to your audience. If you can’t find any valuable portion in you blog post then you better consider rewriting your post.

Don’t throw crap at your audience by sharing blog posts that will just waste their time or, worse, make them hate you.

Where’s the link?

Another thing that’s probably annoying to your audience is seeing a lot of those links on your Facebook updates.

It’s unnecessary to keep the link in the text of your post (unless you are posting a full sized image).

Your update should be clean.

Before you post it, delete the link. The image and preview of your article enough for your readers to click and drive them to your blog.

Be useful

Remember, your blog posts should not waste your reader’s time.

Your readers will react according to how you make them feel.

If you find your blog post useful and valuable for yourself, then there’s a chance it is valuable to your audience too. Make them see that value so you can squeeze out the desired response from them.

Who doesn’t love contests?

If you want to win something from contests and raffles, your audience most likely do too.

Unless they're too damn rich not to find joy in winning from contests.

Or your audience doesn't care about others and no contest will ever lure them to give you a fighting chance to capture their attention.

If that’s your kind of audience then no Facebook or social media platform will ever convert these people to be your audience. That is if such people exist.

Anyways, going back to your real audience, they love contests. You just need to think of interesting contests for them to join.

Share that video

If still images can capture your audience's attention, imagine showing them multiple moving images with sound.

Videos are too sexy to neglect. So embed a few relevant videos here and there on your Facebook updates.

Oh, and make sure the videos are relevant to the blog post you want readers to visit. Don’t just share any video you find interesting. Unless you just want your readers to stay on your Facebook profile.

Show some love to others

You don’t own your niche.

Instead of always competing against other bloggers in grabbing your audience’s attention, make it part of your strategy to share blog posts from others too.

The idea is to share blog content from industry leaders, your fans, and other reputable sources. But don’t just share all kinds of blog content. Make sure they are still within your market, address your audience’s concerns and relevant to your business too.

It’s a bonus when other bloggers will also share your posts as you so did for them.

Group hug!

Build a community around your blog. Or you can just join the communities or Facebook groups where your blog and content will be most relevant.

But other than just sharing your blog posts on these groups, look for opportunities to connect and build your credibility among these groups.

If you want others to read your posts, read and share theirs too. Let them know you did so.


It’s unlikely that you’re the only one who finds your blog significant. If you want to get more readers and be motivated to share more on your blog, make sure you don’t neglect other ways to spread the word that your blog exists. Facebook and other social media platforms can help you achieve your goals for your blog. You just need to be strategic in promoting your blog posts to reach your audience on Facebook.

Your turn

Are the tips mentioned here even make sense to you? Do find yourself doing some of these tips soon? Can you suggest other ways to effectively promote blog posts with the help of Facebook?
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