#AskTenSeries: Kaye Rey Shares About Being a Blogger and Entrepreneur

We recently had the chance to interview the lovely travel blogger and entrepreneur, Ms. Kaye Rey of Sportshub PH.

This post will also be the soft launch of Bloggers Ng Pinas' interview series dubbed as 'Ask Ten' Series. In this series, we will be asking some Filipino bloggers, personalities, resource persons, and practically anyone who can share some valuable insights on blogging and how to 'enhance the blogging experience' in the Philippines.

In our previous interview, we were graced by Ms. Valerie Tan. Now we are excited and honored that Ms. Kaye Rey agreed to spend some time with us for our fellow Filipino bloggers.
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So we asked Kaye...

Please introduce yourself to our readers and fellow bloggers. What keeps you busy these days. Any business or advocacy keeping you busy recently?

Hi, I'm Kaye Rey/babetravelling.  I am currently co-founder and CEO of Sportshub PH.  This is an online store for sporting goods.  We also have sporting events like the Color Dash fun run. Sportshub and Color Dash are on it's 3rd year.
In addition to this, my book called "Spirit of Entrepreneur" is already out.

Kaye Rey co-authored the book "The Spirit of Entrepreneur" with Jay McLean

When did your blogging/writing career start?
It started in 2007 while I was travelling the world.  I needed to document all my travels.

Can you share with us your favorite tools or apps for blogging/writing?
My fave tool would be the WordPress.   They are still the pioneer and currently updating and upgrading their system.

Do you follow a routine to get you in the mood to write? Can you share it with us?
I set a date for writing and I put it in my calendar as a task to do.  I do loads of work and I am forced to be organised.  Spotify under the mood 'focus' is my background music then I google a topic that is related to what I am writing.  This will be my inspiration.

Bloggers, content creators and writers experience Writer's Block every now and then. What can you suggest fellow bloggers so they can overcome it?
I feel the writer's block once in awhile so the best thing is to get inspired.  Luckily, I go to the beach weekly to get my mind clear.  If not the beach, my city view is some greenery.  If both these locations won't work I just move to a coffee shop and get my fave Illy to change my mood.

What particular challenges do you have in blogging/writing?
My current challenge is my present business.  I have to set my priorities and most of it is taking care of my growing business.  I have to let go of some of the blogging opportunities.  Some bloggers are just lucky to attend them all.  Blogging events are really fun.  Aside from the learning, you get to meet a lot of people.

What income streams you have tried and have been successful in with your blog/contents?
Monetary is not usually the target.  The target is to have fun.  I get to have all sort of perks because of blogging.

Do you see any local bloggers or content creators you look up to? If none, what about foreign bloggers?
Every blogger is an inspiration.  But if I have to choose one, it would be Mr. Awesome Planet.  His blog sticks to my mind. In the foreign arena, I like my friend Natalie Sisson of suitcase entrepreneur.

Which areas in blogging you observe our fellow local bloggers are doing great at?
Food trip.

Any tips or recommendations to help inspire and enhance the blogging experience in the Philippines?
1.  Don't miss a week/month without putting an input in your site.2.  Quality content.3.  Write what you love.

Thank you, Kaye!

Bloggers Ng Pinas will be featuring Filipino bloggers and content creators who are willing to help others to be successful too. 

If you have bloggers or people in mind whom you think could help us enhance the blogging experience of our fellow bloggers, you may comment your suggestions below.

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