5 Effective Ways to Focus (on important tasks)

(Here's a Contributor's Post from blogger Yvonne Tan. This post shares some tips on how bloggers can focus on taking on the more important tasks.) 

It has been a constant struggle for us to be productive and to be able to get things done. We always say to ourselves that we don't have the time to accomplish everything, but there are some people who are able to do more. Why is it that way?

Here on this blog post, I will discuss effective ways to stay focus on the most important tasks for the day and to be more productive as well.

1. Plan and schedule your day for tomorrow

Allocate 10-15 minutes before you sleep and run through the tasks you need to do for tomorrow. It is important to plan your work or tasks to do the next day as it saves you time on figuring out what tasks to do and it saves you from missing out on important tasks to be done next day. The schedule / plan reminds you on which task or project you need to focus on hence it helps you to become more productive.

2. Stretch and do some Exercise

It is really important to stretch and have an exercise time on your schedule. Exercise releases endorphins, raises serotonin levels, and it allows creative ideas to form. Half an hour of exercise a day will keep your brain focus and productive the whole day.

3. Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It provides the energy you need to function well and focus on the tasks / schedule for the day. Having an empty stomach will distract you on the task at hand and may deviate your focus.

4. Set working hours and personal time

You need to personally identify how much time you need to allocate working on your tasks for the day and to mingle with your peers / family. Advise the people around you that from this time to this time you're allocating your 100% focus on work. Setting limitations allows you to focus on your schedule and to get more done.

5. Don't start your day with checking emails or social media

Starting your day with emails and social media will just remove your focus on the tasks you need to do for the day. Social media is a distraction. Emails will just allow you to work on tasks that are not on your schedule. Allot a time for checking emails and social media. The sense of achievement felt by getting one task completed will make your day feel more successful and productive.

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