Increasing Blog Traffic Using Facebook

In most cases, a blogger would start a blog to express what he or she thinks about something of interest. This ‘something’ is oftentimes what the blogger is very passionate about.

As the aspiring blogger gets the hang of writing stuff relevant to his or her passion a question would then play to mind.

“Are there people reading my posts or am I the only one enjoying this?”

(Yes, I’ve asked myself this question countless times and I still do so till this day.)

Here are some follow-up questions that this post will try to address;

“Can I use Facebook to reach out to my target readers?”

“What can I do to share my blog post on Facebook without shamelessly spamming everyone?”

I stumbled on a question in Quora that encouraged me to write this post. The goal is to (hopefully) provide some actionable solutions on how bloggers can use Facebook to ‘spread the word’ about their works.

Sadly, some bloggers are too focused on distributing their blog posts rather than sharing them.

Wait, aren’t ‘distributing’ and ‘sharing’ just the same banana?

In this context, I consider distributing as the act of just placing your blog post to as many places as possible.

But when one ‘shares’ their blog post, there’s some careful consideration as to how and to whom you are to reaching out with your post.

Don’t get me wrong. Of course, you can still choose to just automate and just distribute your blog posts to as many Facebook groups and friends as possible.

No one can stop you from doing so anyways.

The mere distribution of your blog post to hundreds of groups on Facebook might give you the eyeballs you need. But will this strategy capture your target readers?

Remember that follow-up question earlier?

“Can I use Facebook to reach out to my target readers?”

Let’s check out some actionable strategies you can try when sharing your next blog post on Facebook—without being annoying.

Consider bigger and engaging images

In most cases, Facebook updates that include images get more engagement than just posts with links.

When you post your blog post link, Facebook gives you that option to choose among the available images on that particular post or upload a different image.

Instead, upload a visually engaging and relevant image which can increase the click-throughs to your blog.

But don’t just post cute or funny images that capture your audience attention every time. Be smart about it by monitoring how every single image performed with the help of Facebook Insights (that is if you are sharing them to your blog’s Facebook page).

Keep those updates short

The idea is to encourage your friends or followers to click on that blog link you are sharing and not to publish another blog post on your timeline.

If possible, limit your Facebook update to just one or two sentences.

You don’t want to bore your audience even before they read your blog. 

Try to have your update not exceed 140 characters. This works well on Facebook too as it does on Twitter.

Or, better yet, come up with a kind of teaser to your blog post. Just tease a little with your update.

What about a question?

One effective and engaging CTA or call-to-action is a question.

Naturally, questions invoke response from the receiver, right? (See what I just did there? Oh, there it is again. Caught it?)

Know the reason why your readers would be interested to read about your blog. If you are trying to address some issues, pain points or indulge your readers’ interest, ask a question around that.

Capture your readers’ attention with an intriguing question that makes it very difficult for them to fight the urge to click on the blog link you shared.  As you try different approach on how you formulate your questions, eventually, you will find that formula that works well.

Now share it!

Bigger image? Check!

Short enough update? Check!

Interesting question to engage target audience? Check!

Now, it’s time to share your blog post to people on Facebook.

Here’s where you should be sharing your blog post updates;

  •           On your timeline for friends to see
  •           To friends who would most likely thank you for tagging them
  •           On you blog’s Facebook Page (yes, it helps to have a page specifically for your blog)
  •           To relevant groups on Facebook that has active engagement

It is recommended that you customize your update based on where and to whom you are sharing it.


With the many blogs and bloggers emerging these days, cutting through the online noise to capture the attention of your target audience has become way tougher.

The ones mentioned in this post are just recommendations that worked for me and for other bloggers.

You may start with these tips if you want to bump up that traffic to your blog without getting into the nerves of your target audience.

If you want more tips, you can find lots of them online or check out the other articles here.

“Help me, help you.”

How do you find this post? Has it helped you in any way?

Perhaps you can also share some of your best practices on how you were able to increase visitors to your blog.

I would love to read your comments below.

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  1. Because it is such a hard thing to do to boost my blog traffic to Facebook, I have tried the "boost" option in Facebook pages. I just have to pay P40. And so far, I was able to drive traffic to my blog. It could be costly but it was actually worth it. I even had new followers. :)

    1. Louise, it is indeed becoming more challenging to drive traffic to one's blog through Facebook. The boost feature on Facebook does help. Spending P40 is quite affordable. We know others who would even spend at least P200 to boost their every post.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts. :-)


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