How to Start Small Talk During Events

Is being an introvert or a shy blogger stopping you from grabbing those invites to grand events?

Are you a blogger who finds himself or herself out of place when you’re in a crowd while attending workshops or seminars?

If this doesn’t sound like you then good for you. You don’t have to continue reading on.

Oh, you’re still reading this?

So you’re one of us?

Yes, I feel the same way in most situations too.

Blogger zone

Some bloggers may prefer to be left along in quite rooms to write. They choose cosy places where their creative juices just keep on pouring with nothing but a cup of coffee or beverage to accompany them.

However, once in a blue moon people would notice your blog posts and would love to see more of you. Brands might even invite you to check out what they have and ask for your help scribbling a few words about them.

This is when your comfort bubble is challenged to be popped. The opportunity will demand you to be out of your comfort zone and share your awesomeness to others.

Or perhaps you just want to be out there and attend events after events but just too shy to take advantage of the opportunities to mingle.

Let's mingle, shall we?

I read a short article once (I just don’t remember where I read it from though) that shares a simple but actionable tip on how to start making small talks in events.

I’ve tried this tip a few times. I could say it worked in most cases for me.

Wanna try it?

Here’s a heads-up though: just because the tip sounds simple it doesn’t mean it’s very easy.

In an ordinary world, people often find it uncomfortable to approach a strange in a crowd.

Know that those who are in a crowd or event you are in might also be feeling the same thing. The idea is to spot people who are also feeling awkward being in the same crowd. Those people want to mingle but just don’t know how---like you.

Approach one person who’s feeling awkward then help them get out of that situation. Believe me, that person is just waiting for an opportunity to talk to someone in the room. Make that person be you.

You don’t have to come up with cool introductions. Just say ‘Hi’ then tell that person your name. Then ask for the person’s name.

If the other person gives you her or his name, you can ask a couple of questions about that person or share what you have been up to.

By this time, you should already be in a conversation--- or be seeing that person run away from you because you’re being creepy!

But seriously. This simple ‘move’ should help you snap out of your introvert self and transform you into a tiger hunting for its next meal.

Yes, this has worked for me number of times.

I still consider myself an introvert to this day.

But when the opportunity requires for me to be that ‘tiger’, this tip is always handy.

Your turn

Do you find this tip useful? Perhaps you can use this during the next event you plan to attend, right?


Do you have other suggestions to share that can help bloggers who are still struggling to start a  conversation with strangers? Comment them below.

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