3 Mistakes Twitter Users Often Make

Almost all bloggers have Twitter accounts.

If you're a Pinoy Blogger reading this blog post, it's highly likely that you have a Twitter account. But the real question is: are you using it correctly?

Look at the number of your Followers. How many are they? Do you check people's profiles when they add you up? How often do you interact with them? Are you losing more followers faster than you're gaining them? How often do you tweet?

Keep those questions in mind, because we'll help you improve your Twitter presence in a series of blog posts in the coming weeks. Yes, this is the first of many blog posts on Twitter. We hope you're happy about it, because we are.

Anyway, let's get started.

There are lots of things that bloggers find themselves doing incorrectly on social media. To be specific, here are the top 3 things that you should learn to avoid if you want to improve your presence on Twitter:

Never Engaging. Twitter is reciprocal in nature. Why do you think there's a 'Favorite', 'Retweet', and 'Reply' option on each Tweet? If you like using Twitter as a bulletin board, you might not be heading anywhere anytime soon. The simplest way to engage with "Tweeps" is to favorite or retweet others' posts, welcome new followers, and thank people for retweeting your stuff. Not getting any retweets? Quick tip on number 2.

Always Promoting Yourself. When you think about it, it does sort of make sense to promote yourself or your blog on Twitter - it's your Twitter account after all. But unless you're a very popular celebrity, going that route will likely make you lose followers. Promoting your blog or yourself is fine, but the safest ratio is 80:20. Only 20% should be about yourself or your blog. What should comprise the other 80%? Think about retweeting articles or quotes that are relevant to your niche. Doing so will help drive engagement from the person whose content you retweeted. You can also start posting quotes related to your niche. Can't find articles to retweet? You can always make use of Google.

Linking All Your Social Networks Together. I'm sure you've seen it. You checked out a new follower and browsed through their Twitter profile, but all you see are cross-posts from Instagram or Facebook. How many of you actually clicked on an Instagram link to see the photo that the person posted? The same thing applies to Facebook links. Nobody wants to click on them. If you want to move forward with Twitter, stop cross-posting from Instagram and Facebook. It's only doing you more harm than good. If you actually engage with the active Tweeps, you'll find that not a lot of them actually use Instagram or Facebook. But if you can't help yourself, please try to stick to a minimum.

There you have it. Are you guilty of any of the 3? That's okay. We all make mistakes. Mistakes are opportunities for growth, so don't let them get you down. Get back up and work on avoiding these common Twitter mistakes and we'll see you again soon for another post on how to improve your Twitter presence.

Questions? Reactions? Suggestions? Just leave your comments below, because we'd love to hear from you! :)

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